Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I've seen them the past few months but figured they were complicated or didn't last long or were just plain expensive. NONE of that is the case. Today I gave in and decided to give them a whirl. At about $10 I was a bit hesitant buttttt good ol' CVS was having a sale : Buy one Sally Hansen product get one half off! So I went for the color Teal with it, which is a lovely teal blue color as pictures above.

This kit could NOT be any easier. Seriously, it includes everything...a cuticle pusher and a file which you really don't even need... they just help in case you haven't taken care of your nails in awhile! You first fit the strips of color to each nail. Note: they provide several sizes which is amazing. Then you just peel and place the color strip over your nail and smooth down pressing first in the middle of your nail to prevent any bubbling. depending on how hard you push and how wide your nail beds are you could just tear off the excess color, otherwise you can file it right off!! Below is the outcome.. no mess, no polish remover, no polish smell... just peeling and placing... I'm eager to see if i can use a nail pen on top to create designs as well as to see how long they go without chipping.

Easy and Awesome! I will be doing more! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Flirt! Review #2!

I promised more so here they are... more Flirt! Cosmetics reviews!!

Recently I did a review on a new found brand, Flirt! which is made by Estee Lauder & only sold at Kohls department stores. I loved the rich pigments of Chocoholic #39 
(a dark brown) and Golden Lady #38 (a medium gold) so I had to try more!

My most recent purchase was for another eye shadow in Gold Envy which is a super light gold vanilla color. It has shimmer but not sparkle and acts works perfectly as a highlight! 

  I also purchased a nice Fall blush which is called Popsie #10. Popsie is a deep rose color without sparkle and has a nice highlight/dew-like glow.

Here is a look I came up with using all of the Flirt! products that I own. The colors are all wonderful and honestly the pigment of each gold I have tried is the most comparable thing to Sugarpills Goldilux luster I have been able to find. 


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Game Day #2

I LOVE football season  & the last Game Day blog I did didn't really show all that much purple... here is a look that will let people know you bleed purple
(if you're a Ravens fan that is)!

Products used:
Kryolan Aquacolor in White
Sugarpill in Dollipop
Sugarpill in Afterparty
Sugarpill in Tako
Sugarpill in Lumi
NYX Shadow in Purple
Revlon Eyeliner Pen in Black
Maybelline Double Extend Beauty Tubes mascara in Black

MAC Studio Fix Foundation
MAC Pressed Powder

MAC in Myth

Fairly simple and great for Hazel eyes. Purples really bring out the green and light brown tones of Hazel eyes. It makes such a difference with my eyes that it looks like I'm wearing color contacts!! This is one of the first times I've used Myth by MAC alone and I've gotta tell ya, I'm just in LOVE. Review on that lip color will be coming soon!

Have a Great Day <3

Friday, October 14, 2011

Flirt! Cosmetics

I recently found a line by Estee Lauder called Flirt! which can only be found at Kohls department stores. After using brands like Sugarpill and Urban Decay I've been drawn towards more pigmented shadows, a feature which Flirt! does not fail to deliver. With Fall here I decided I'd get some new browns so that I don't hit pan in my Naked Pallete so quickly! I purchased two shadows and a liner, all browns. The shadows are #38 Golden Lady (lighter photo below) and #39 Chocoholic( darker photo above)  and the liner is #05 Brownie Points. 
 Today I tested them out with Urban Decay primer potion and the colors have lasted now for nearly 12 hours!  I used Golden Lady on my lids and put Chocoholic in the crease, then  lined my lids with Brownie Points. Today is my "early" day at work so I wasn't going to do anything fancy but MAN... this stuff has really held wonderfully

The liner goes on super smooth and is very rich. Personally I don't think there is anything worse than getting a new liner and it being so dry that you have to heat up the tip to prevent scraping your eyelids off!
Brownie Points is a rich brownie color (medium brown) and looks great on top of the Golden Lady shadow. I was very impressed with the way it glided right on and will be getting more colors ASAP!


I can't wait to try more. The packaging is also really neat, it's a black square that allows you to pull the color & applicator out and a mirror flips up!  Another bonus about this product is that Kohls has a bazillion coupons/ sale days. Most of the time you can snag these things at 20% off or more and they are only $13 a pop as it is! I highly recommend these shadows, especially if you wear a lot of neutrals because the color selection is limited to about 20 colors, most of which are neutral. Below are swatches on my hand of both colors, you can see a little of the liner in the background too. 

More reviews to come as soon as I get the blush! <3

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quick fixes for looking scary when you wake up!

SoOoOo-I find that more often times then not, I wake up looking a mess (sorry boyfriend). Over the past few years I've gathered some quick fix tips and if you are anything like me and think you look like Medusa when you wake up, these tips might come in handy!

This is exactly what I look like when I wake up!

 #1 Baby Powder = Magic Powder
After a full day of having straight hair I go to sleep and without fail, wake up looking like Medusa. My hair instantly curls when I go to sleep, it's a curse! I wake up with crazy curls with oil on the crown of my head, I assume a lot of this is from product build up.... I know I know, don't get so excited, this sounds extremely sexy. Anyway- quick fix to the oil from product build up and natural oils is to sprinkle some baby powder on your hair and shake shake shake- get it down in your roots and you will instantly notice that greasy look is GONE!! This isn't just a great fix for the morning, its a great product to have on hand if your don't want to wash your hair, but don't want it to look dirty. Johnson's Baby Powder is my powder of choice but there is also "dry shampoo" which is basically spray powder and something I will blog about later on when I've tried a few more products out there. Anywho - Powder sucks up oil like a freakin' vacuum...I  LOVE.LOVE.LOVE powder... baby powder, face powder, foot powder (OK, maybe that one is a little extreme) !!

#2 Hair Ties
Put that mess UP! Weather your hair goes flat when you sleep, or goes crazy like mine, putting it up fixes everything. Low ponytail, messy bun, whatever your style may be, putting it up will make you look a little more put together. The Ouchless brand is great, they don't pull on your hair and come in thick and thin bands!

#3 Bobby Pins
If you have short hair, or annoying bangs such as myself, bobby pins become your best friend- even if you DON'T have bedhead! Twist your bangs back, take a piece from either side and pin them back, heck... do the Snookie ( just maybe not as extreme) any way you use them  they will make whatever look your going for look more polished, especially because bobby pins are great at taming those lovely flyaways.

Now obviously I don't use these techniques every day, just mostly on the weekends or on days off. But feeling good about yourself when you first wake up will help you start your day off happier and less stressful. I also always have chapstick handy because there is nothing worse than waking up and realizing your lips are cracked since you left the fan on all night!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kryolan White Aquacolor * Sugarpill Midori * MAC Emerald Dusk

Today I was looking out the window noticing the trees changing color and realized how much I'm going to miss the greenery once fall completely takes over. This thought of course provoked a green makeup session!

I used my three favorite eye product brands
-Kryolan, Sugarpill and MAC
and got a beautiful green end product! 

Step 1: Apply tape from the far edge of each eye up toward the far edge of your eyebrows for dramatic line

Step 2: Apply Kryolan White Aquacolor to lids with finger and spread into crease.

Step 3: Apply Midori by Sugarpill by packing along tape and patting all the way to mid eyelid.

Step 4: Apply Emerald Dusk on top of Midori for deep, long lasting green color.

Step 5: Go back over edges along tape with Midori to make shadow more bold.

Step 6: Line lashes with liquid eyeliner

Step 7: Apply Mascara

Step 8: Apply highlight under brown bone and to inner corners of your eyes


Off to get my hair done... think I'm going dirty blonde !! EEEK!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

It's a lot more attractive to be positive!

Not until recently have I noticed that the people and atmosphere that you are surrounded by on a daily basis make a huge impact on your well-being. I usually blog about beauty that you can buy, but today's blog is about a different kind of beauty.

I'm 22, work full time, live in Baltimore City with my 25 year old boyfriend and dog and always have a plan. I have normal 22 year old frustrations like money and parking and figuring out what I actually want to be when I grow up. I admit I like to be in control of most situations, I'm extremely stubborn, I get hobbies for about a week because I lose interest in things if I cant perfect them right away and I have a hard time sitting still for more than 30 minutes. I'm probably not the easier person to be around all the time but not until recently did I realize WHY.

Creating your own positive environment has a huge.huge.huge impact on every single part of your day. If you go to sleep feeling like crap because you hate your job, or your house, or your significant other, or your car, or the fact that you're broke then inevitably you are going to wake up feeling like crap and start your whole brand new day off crappy. You might be thinking that you'd have to be crazy to do that to yourself but most times folks, we don't realize we are unhappy. We roll with the punches or go with the daily grind because we are told this is "just the way life goes"... well it's NOT!

I can tell you first hand that I have worked in environments that were pure poison, or with people who were just miserable no matter how good they had it. All it takes is for one person to rain on the parade, or one bad apple to spoil the bunch. No matter what, there will always be someone somewhere who has it 100x worse than you do. No matter WHAT!

Stress and negativity cause all kinds of illnesses, not to mention lack of sleep which leads to dark circles under your eyes etc. Plus without a good 8 hours you just feeling tired and groggy all day which isn't an attractive look for anyone!

I'm lucky enough to have wonderful friends that are positive, inspiring, fun people who encourage me and care, and a boyfriend who supports everything I do from taking a job that pays less to writing to you lovely people every day. I challenge all of you to look at your environment and pick out things that you don't care for, and remove them. Over the past few months I have slowly weeded out negative things in my environment, whether its friends, what I do every day, or even the way I look at or talk about myself.

Being "myself" has never been something I've been really comfortable being and I'm slowly learning to be my own person, have my own opinion, find what lights me up, and it feels unbelievable. In a way I feel like I've missed out on a lot by pretending, or being too serious, or worrying so so much about what other people think about me, but I'm glad I'm looking at it now.

Be fun. Be silly. Be yourself, or at least try to, little by little.

Everything you say makes people feel a certain way. Every smile you give to someone counts. Listening means a lot to people.

If you have people in your life that make you feel good make sure you tell them :) 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chapped Lips

Over the past week or so the weather has turned from pleasant, warm Fall breeze to it feels like it could be snowing. This crazy annoying fluctuation is not fun for your whole body. It's when most colds come on, allergies spike up, and worst of all your lips get chapped! I wanted to share my favorite few chapsticks/ lip systems to keep your mouth from cracking and bleeding this Fall/ Winter.

#1 Softlips Mint
I have been using this stuff since middle school. It is not tinted, just clear. * NOTE if you get the tinted kind they are usually FULL of sparkles, something I find not so fun to have on chapped lips* You put it on and instantly your lips tingle and feel minty. After a few minutes all the rough dead skin on your lips feels like it has melted away and your lips are super soft. You can buy this stuff for about $3.50 at most food and drug stores.

#2 Mary Kay Satin Lips System
This was a gift from my aunt who was a MK consultant a few years ago and I LOVE IT. It is a very easy two step system! Step 1- wet your lips and use the exfoliating lip mask. This gently scrubs off the dead skin and leaves your lips feeling like a baby's butt! Step 2 - apply the lip balm to have smooth protected lips all day long! This kit is $18 on the Mary Kay website and I make sure I buy one every winter.

#3 Carmex
Oh Carmex... you are so delightfully cheap! I always keep Carmax in my car and purse. This stuff is like magic in a tiny jar. It numbs sore lips, heals and even protects from the sun & wind. These little jars are about $2 and can be found everywhere... seriously... even at those creepy walk up gas stations where you have to pay the big scary man through the window... Carmex is TOTALLY hanging behind the big scary man!!

#4 Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm
Burt's Bees is just all around amazing but this Honey Lip Balm is the B.O.M.B. not only does it taste good but it lasts long and nourishes your lips. This my friends, is chap stick done right. Also it's only a whopping $3 and can be found at most drug stores. * Note, you will probably want to look with the Burt's Bees products, it is rarely with the regular balm *

Enjoy & Happy Fall :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Game Day Makeup

SoOo today my friend asked if I'd like to partake in a little pre-game bar hopping in Baltimore-SO- I had to coordinate. I totally wore sweatpants and a jersey but don't worry, I did my eye makeup with some more team spirit!

The Baltimore ravens colors are purple and black which happens to work out very well for my hazel eyes! The products I used were Kryolan White Aqua color, Afterparty & Dollipop by Sugarpill, and ES32 purple by NYX.

I first applied the Kryolan as a base, then applied Afterparty and Dollipop to the outer corner and crease to make a purplish color. Afterparty is a bright bright BRIGHT blue and Dollipop is an amazing hot pink, together they make a wonderful rich purple. In the crease I swept ES32 Purple by NYX just to give it a sparkly pop. This is what the finished product looked like!



I have a problem with purchasing any new mascara that I see in Cosmo or People. I'm an ad nut which is why I majored in advertising in college, 
but I digress. 

It seems like every other week Maybelline or L'Oreal has a new magical mascara they are promoting. Mascara that makes your eyes look bigger, your eye color pop, your lashes look as long and full as fake ones, whatever the case may be, I am TOTALLY up for trying! 

That being said I bring to you THREE reviews today of my all time favorite mascaras! 

They are ranked from least favorite to most favorite

Drum roll please...

#3 DIORSHOW By Dior 

This mascara is great for a few reasons. No.1 being the applicator. The applicator is thick and bushy which helps your lashes have a natural look instead of a clumped together look. No.2 Diorshow gives you a really classic look, it didn't particularly lengthen or volumize, instead it gave my eyes a dramatic, dark look- very Holly Golightly in my opinion! No.3 It lasted all day and didn't flake or crumble mid-day.
Price: $24.50 @ Sephora

#2 Maybelline Intense XXL Volume Waterproof Mascara
 Note: Not Exact Picture- Couldn't find the waterproof product
This was the first double sided mascara I had the pleasure of using. It claims to give you 7x the volume of your normal lashes and honestly, it does. The concept is simple- one side is a white microfiber basecoat, the other is mascara. The basecoat builds the length and volume of your lashes, in order to achieve your maximum length you may have to repeat the two steps back to back. It is also really important to apply the mascara BEFORE the white basecoat is dry. I chose the waterproof version simply because when I laugh I cry and I make a habit of laughing quite a bit, therefore, to prevent raccoon eyes I usually go for waterproof products! I love this stuff- it gives you a great whispy look, lasts all day long, 
and  is just wonderful for the cost. 
Price: $7.99 @ Ulta

#1 L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara
I didn't know about this product until about a month ago when I heard Kandee Johnson raving about it. 
She uses tons of great MAC products etc so I thought "If she is doing a video about this stuff it must be worth it" - needless to say the next day I went and scooped up a tube and boy was she right. I LOVE this stuff for many many many reasons. No1 being that I don't even NEED the waterproof kind- Why? You may ask, Because this stuff only comes off with warm water ... GENIUS!! With any type of normal mascara you usually have to use some type of makeup remover after washing your face, just to get under your eyes where you tend to get the dreaded mascara drip. With this stuff you will never have to use makeup remover again! It is almost scary how easily this stuff just washes off. The tubes just pop right off in a warm washcloth and that's that! This stuff also goes on very smooth, and lasts all day. The consistency of the tubes is kind of plastic or silicone so it doesn't flake at all!! It is double sided like the Mabelline mascara and gives your lashes volume and lengthens. I have been wearing it every day and this is probably going to be my go-to from  now on!
Price: $ 9.99 @ Ulta