Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To wax or NOT to wax...

Recently I have been dabbling in waxing. I've always been a fan of shaving but thought I should at least give this other seemingly popular method a chance SO I decided to try two different wax products and see which one, if any, tickled my fancy.

 Parissa Natural Hair Removal System

This system comes with what looks like a mini saucepan to heat up the hard wax. You place it on your stove, heat it up until it melts, take it off the heat, and stir it until it gets a sticky consistency. With the wooden tools provided, place the wax wherever you'd like hair removed from. **TEMPERATURE TEST THIS ON YOUR HAND FIRST PEOPLE. This will NOT be even mildly pleasurable if you burn your eyelids/ face/ underparts off during the process! ** Once the wax is on the correct area wait a few minutes until the wax dries to a pliable consistency- NOT HARD- then slowly peel the wax in an upward motion OR in the opposite direction that the hair is growing. If you are like me you might just want to rip it right off, if that's the case then by all means GO FOR IT! This system also comes with a soothing oil that should be applied directly to the area that was waxed.

Sally Hansen Wax Strips
I'll start with the pros -this product is a lot less messy AND a lot less time consuming. The wax strips basically look like double sided tape. You peel them apart and each side can be used to wax with. Another pro of this product is that you get several different sized strips- larges ones for your bikini area, medium ones for your lip & side of face area, and smaller ones for your eyebrows. Now for the cons- After using the Parissa wax I could definitely tell a difference in wax strength. Parissa was strong and got the job done a lot better, hell, you even had to be careful because it's strong enough to rip off your tan! 
The Sally Hansen wax needed to be used several times
to get the hairs I wanted gone, after waxing my eyebrows 
I still had to pluck an awful lot SO,
that being said I wouldn't buy this product again. 
All in all, I think I will continue shaving! I shower daily as it is- whats the extra 5 minutes it takes me to shave my entire body? It takes me 5 or more minutes alone to wax JUST my eyebrows and pluck them. I razor my eyebrows & keep a razor in my car or purse to touch up my brows if needed so for me it just makes more sense! Below are my hair removal products of choice- I highly suggest both of them and have been using them for years. The Venus Embrace can be found at your local grocery or drug store. The eyebrow razors can be found at these places as well, however, they are usually with the tweezers and eyelash curlers NOT with the razors and will run between $4-$6 for a package of three. 

Photos of each so you know what you're lookin for :

Feel free to comment your favorite hair removal products! I'm always up for trying new things!

<3- Steff

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