Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lemony Love Face!

So after watching the Kandee Johnson tutorial on how to make your own lemon facial scrub I couldn't fight the urge to run downstairs and try it myself. My skin feels super super soft like she said it would and I'm probably going to do this a few times a week just to get a good stripping!

You can make this magical face potion too, all you need are 1. A Fresh Lemon 2. Granulated Sugar 3. Cotton Squares. You can use a cotton ball, a wash cloth, anything that absorbs liquid. I like the cotton squares because they don't fall apart- they are cheap- AND I can just throw them out when I'm done. 

Here are some pictures of what you should get:

Fresh Lemon, Cotton Squares & Sugar. You can find the squares at your local drug store next to the cotton balls- I also love them for make up removal.

First wet your face ! Then take the cotton square and squirt fresh lemon juice right into the center- make sure you get it nice and damp. Next step is the sugar - YUM -. Take a small spoonful and pour it right in the center of your cotton square. Now you can start scrubbing! Get your whole face, hair line, nose, chin, forehead. Be gentle around the eyes as that skin is more sensitive. Now after you are good and scrubbed you can rinse with warm water. VoilĂ - you now have beautiful glowing smooth skin! With winter around the corner this is going to be something I use to strip the dry skin/ old tanned skin and maintain a great complexion. This will probably help with makeup application as well since my skin is super smooth - CAN'T WAIT!

What is your favorite face scrub?!

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