Friday, September 30, 2011

Boots No. 7 Perfect & Protect System

Boots No.7 has an array of wonderful products. I love their translucent powder but today I'm here to post about the skin care perfect and protect system . This system comes with a serum AND a day and night cream all of which have gotten rid of my under eye bags and crows feet in just a week! At 22 I admit to having the beginning of crows feet, I have squinty eyes and high cheek bones creating crows feet when I smile and laugh.This system came very highly recommended. I always look at Amazon ratings before purchasing and this is one of the best economically savvy skin care systems I have found.

Here is a picture of the system :

The package of three runs about $50 but lasts a very very long time. Plus, if you are like me and love instant gratification it's totally worth it! I put the serum on before both the day and night cream after washing my face every morning/night. During the night I also seal the serum and night cream with a non-petroleum jelly from whole foods. This mixture feels kind of greasy but honestly does the best job of keeping moisture in, and preventing wrinkles and breakouts. As of now these are the only products I trust on my face all day long underneath makeup AND all night long soaking up moisture. 

Do you have a favorite day/night cream?
What do you use to prevent wrinkles?


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