Friday, September 30, 2011

Boots No. 7 Perfect & Protect System

Boots No.7 has an array of wonderful products. I love their translucent powder but today I'm here to post about the skin care perfect and protect system . This system comes with a serum AND a day and night cream all of which have gotten rid of my under eye bags and crows feet in just a week! At 22 I admit to having the beginning of crows feet, I have squinty eyes and high cheek bones creating crows feet when I smile and laugh.This system came very highly recommended. I always look at Amazon ratings before purchasing and this is one of the best economically savvy skin care systems I have found.

Here is a picture of the system :

The package of three runs about $50 but lasts a very very long time. Plus, if you are like me and love instant gratification it's totally worth it! I put the serum on before both the day and night cream after washing my face every morning/night. During the night I also seal the serum and night cream with a non-petroleum jelly from whole foods. This mixture feels kind of greasy but honestly does the best job of keeping moisture in, and preventing wrinkles and breakouts. As of now these are the only products I trust on my face all day long underneath makeup AND all night long soaking up moisture. 

Do you have a favorite day/night cream?
What do you use to prevent wrinkles?


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Starling Loose Shadow & the Sweetheart Palette by Sugarpill!

I just LOVE Sugarpill! The colors are so rich, they last forever, and they aren't super super expensive. I have had the Sweetheart Palette and Starling Loose shadow (not to mention a ton of other Sugarpill colors) for a few months and use them as much as I can! 

 Starling is a medium blue chromalust loose powder. I apply it by dampening my brush first because I think it helps the color pop even more AND it helps the color last longer. I usually put it on over Afterparty which is the blue that comes in the Sweetheart Palette and find that it holds well and gives the blue great depth.

The Sweetheart Palette comes with 4 amazing colors. Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori, and Tako- hot pink, neon blue, bright green, and a bright white! These colors are pressed matte shadows, and in my opinion the BEST vibrant matte colors ever. They last long, give you an original look and are all around amazing.

To achieve this look I :
  • Primed both of my eyes and patted Afterparty along the lids and a bit into the crease. 
  • Next I sprayed my brush and tapped it into Starling, this allowed me to pick up more product and not have it fall all over my face since it was wet. 
  • Then I patted the Starling over the Afterparty making the color deeper and shimmery.
  • Next I used a matte black color in the crease and blended into the two blue colors.
  • I used a neutral brown/ tan color on my brow bone to finish with shadow
  • For Liner I used Maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner in black
  • For Mascara I used Diorshow 
  •  Lips= Myth by MAC with Colorsensational lip gloss by Maybelline in Sugared Honey  


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Evening Naked Palette Look

I just purchased my first Naked Palette by Urbain Decay - I know I know- what have I been waiting for?! Needless to say I'm in love!! Here is how I created this Evening look.  

1. Conceal your lids
2. Prime your lid- I use Urban Decay Primer Potion 
3. Pat Gunmetal along the lids
4. Brush Creep into the crease
5. Blend Toasted and Virgin below the brow bone
6. Blend together as much as you can
7. Line top lid with liquid eyeliner- I used Stiletto liquid liner by Maybelline.
8. Curl lashes and apply mascara - I use L'Oreal paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes

1. Conceal your face...every blemish, red spot, scar- cover it up! I use Laura Mercier Camouflage Concealer SC-1  
2. Use Foundation to blend concealer with your skin, you want a blank canvas. I use MAC Studio Fix Liquid in NW15
3. Powder over your entire face, this will help lock in your liquid cover up and hold it in place all day. I use MAC Medium Studio Careblend/ Pressed Powder.
4. Add blush to your cheek bones- swipe some of the extra on your brush along your forehead, chin and neck area just to give your face some dimension. I use MAC Semi Precious Rose Quartz from their Semi Precious collection because it gives you a dewy shimmer.
5. Now add Bronzer or Illuminating powder- I use Wet n Wild Megaglo Illuminating powder in Spotlight Peach.
6. Cover with translucent Powder: I use No7 brand and absolutely love it.

Here are some Pictures of the process:

 TA-DA! That's it! A great look to go out on the town with and since Urban Decay makes such wonderful products your eyes should stay perfect for a long time!

Do you have a favorite eyeshadow or Palette?!

Lemony Love Face!

So after watching the Kandee Johnson tutorial on how to make your own lemon facial scrub I couldn't fight the urge to run downstairs and try it myself. My skin feels super super soft like she said it would and I'm probably going to do this a few times a week just to get a good stripping!

You can make this magical face potion too, all you need are 1. A Fresh Lemon 2. Granulated Sugar 3. Cotton Squares. You can use a cotton ball, a wash cloth, anything that absorbs liquid. I like the cotton squares because they don't fall apart- they are cheap- AND I can just throw them out when I'm done. 

Here are some pictures of what you should get:

Fresh Lemon, Cotton Squares & Sugar. You can find the squares at your local drug store next to the cotton balls- I also love them for make up removal.

First wet your face ! Then take the cotton square and squirt fresh lemon juice right into the center- make sure you get it nice and damp. Next step is the sugar - YUM -. Take a small spoonful and pour it right in the center of your cotton square. Now you can start scrubbing! Get your whole face, hair line, nose, chin, forehead. Be gentle around the eyes as that skin is more sensitive. Now after you are good and scrubbed you can rinse with warm water. VoilĂ - you now have beautiful glowing smooth skin! With winter around the corner this is going to be something I use to strip the dry skin/ old tanned skin and maintain a great complexion. This will probably help with makeup application as well since my skin is super smooth - CAN'T WAIT!

What is your favorite face scrub?!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To wax or NOT to wax...

Recently I have been dabbling in waxing. I've always been a fan of shaving but thought I should at least give this other seemingly popular method a chance SO I decided to try two different wax products and see which one, if any, tickled my fancy.

 Parissa Natural Hair Removal System

This system comes with what looks like a mini saucepan to heat up the hard wax. You place it on your stove, heat it up until it melts, take it off the heat, and stir it until it gets a sticky consistency. With the wooden tools provided, place the wax wherever you'd like hair removed from. **TEMPERATURE TEST THIS ON YOUR HAND FIRST PEOPLE. This will NOT be even mildly pleasurable if you burn your eyelids/ face/ underparts off during the process! ** Once the wax is on the correct area wait a few minutes until the wax dries to a pliable consistency- NOT HARD- then slowly peel the wax in an upward motion OR in the opposite direction that the hair is growing. If you are like me you might just want to rip it right off, if that's the case then by all means GO FOR IT! This system also comes with a soothing oil that should be applied directly to the area that was waxed.

Sally Hansen Wax Strips
I'll start with the pros -this product is a lot less messy AND a lot less time consuming. The wax strips basically look like double sided tape. You peel them apart and each side can be used to wax with. Another pro of this product is that you get several different sized strips- larges ones for your bikini area, medium ones for your lip & side of face area, and smaller ones for your eyebrows. Now for the cons- After using the Parissa wax I could definitely tell a difference in wax strength. Parissa was strong and got the job done a lot better, hell, you even had to be careful because it's strong enough to rip off your tan! 
The Sally Hansen wax needed to be used several times
to get the hairs I wanted gone, after waxing my eyebrows 
I still had to pluck an awful lot SO,
that being said I wouldn't buy this product again. 
All in all, I think I will continue shaving! I shower daily as it is- whats the extra 5 minutes it takes me to shave my entire body? It takes me 5 or more minutes alone to wax JUST my eyebrows and pluck them. I razor my eyebrows & keep a razor in my car or purse to touch up my brows if needed so for me it just makes more sense! Below are my hair removal products of choice- I highly suggest both of them and have been using them for years. The Venus Embrace can be found at your local grocery or drug store. The eyebrow razors can be found at these places as well, however, they are usually with the tweezers and eyelash curlers NOT with the razors and will run between $4-$6 for a package of three. 

Photos of each so you know what you're lookin for :

Feel free to comment your favorite hair removal products! I'm always up for trying new things!

<3- Steff

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bronner's Soap & The Bee's Knees!

Howdy- Here are the first couple of reviews, as promised!  


Dr. Bronner's Organic Castile Liquid Soap

This soap claims to have 18 different uses. I caught a friend of mine using this as mouthwash at a music festival- It didn't look like any other mouthwash I'd ever seen so I had to ask him what the heck it was! Turns out he was using it to brush his teeth, wash his hair & body, as deodorant and as a mid day mouthwash all in one.  
The mere fact that this product could do ALL of those things and not kill him completely freaked me out -AND- I was certain it had to be some crazy toxic blend -BUT- wrong I was! After some researching I found that this is actually a vegan- all natural- magical blend of goodness -soooo-
naturally, I had to pick up a bottle and try it out for myself! 
I drove over to whole foods and picked up a bottle of the peppermint scented/flavored magic in a bottle and paid about $10 for a fairly large bottle. My first test was to use it as a shampoo. It suds up in my hair and felt like any other organic shampoo, however, once I washed it out my hair felt kind of sticky, almost TOO clean! I can understand why people may use it on a camping trip that they need to pack lightly for but this product was definitely NOT for me. I then wanted to try it as a toothpaste- the taste was mint & baking soda but BOY did it make my teefers clean! It also works well as a mouthwash-BUT- fair warning it doesn't taste very good. When I say Mint & Baking Soda I mean MINT & BAKING SODA! 
Since I bought the bigger bottle and am probably not going to use it as fast as I thought, I would suggest buying the smaller bottle for your first time purchasing. I don't think I'd buy it again but if I try using it as a floor cleaner or laundry detergent I'll let you know how it goes!!


Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub

*Love*Love*Love* this stuff! 
I heard about it from the one and only Kandee Johnson. I love that she reviews products that are both expensive and in-expensive and explains the pros and cons of each product. I saw her review this and knew I just had to try it  -soooo- once again I headed to whole foods and picked up a container of this citrus love! This is a brown rough mixture that exfoliates and cleans out your pores. The mixture is made of citrus peel and other natural ingredients and in my opinion smells like fig newtons which is quite pleasant!! I've been using it for about a week and it has really helped clear up my face and leaves my complexion looking smooth and even. 
I recommend this to anyone looking for either a good skin cleanser or as I call it, a once a day pampering!! 

If anyone else has used either of these products I'd LOVE to know what you think!


Sneaky Peaky

Hey Folks-

It's been far too long since I have done any reviews so I wanted to let you know some of the great things I've been brewing up for new posts! 

These are some things you have to look forward to: 

* Dr. Bronners Magic Soap Review
* Burts Bees Facial Scrub Review
* Sally Hansen Wax Strips vs Parissa Hot Wax
* My Favorite Self Tanner
* Diorshow vs. L'Oreal Double Extended Beauty Tubes Mascara
* MAC cheeky goodness
* Body Shop Brush Review
* Got2B Guardian Angel Heat Protector
* No 7 Translucent Powder
* No 7 Protect & Perfect Serum & Day and Night Cream
* Urban Decay NAKED 
* Laura Mercier Concealer : Secret Camouflage SC-1
* Biosilk- Silk Therapy

Stay Tuned these will be COMING SOON!!!
- Steff