Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pantene Curly Hair Style Creme Anti-Frizz Straightening

*Smoothes curls, preps for a straight look*

For anyone who has wild, *more oily than not*, curly hair such as myself, this product is a god send. I noticed a commercial last weekend for the new lines Pantene has for specific hair types. Since I am ALWAYS looking for something to tame my fro, I decided I'd spend the $4.99 and give this stuff a whirl! 

All I have to do is apply two-three pumps to towel dried hair and blow dry with a flat brush!

Before trying this I could never dry my hair upside down, or by brushing it in all directions to get underneath, I always had to use the everlong process of CLIP. DRY. CLIP. DRY. just so that before straightening, my hair was at least tamed to lay in the right direction! With the Style Creme I can dry it however I like! It falls down wonderfully without tangles and best of all without FRIZZ! 

My favorite thing about the creme is that unlike loads of other * more expensive * brands ( I'm hooked on bed head & BIG sexy hair and even these don't do the trick) , it leaves my hair THICK and grease free. With most curly products, and even Anti-frizz products, oils are usually the main ingredients to smoothe hair. Lucky me, I have oily, curly hair so naturally many of these expensive products just left my hair looking super oily by days end. The first day I used this product THREE co-workers asked me if I cut or dyed my hair! I did neither, my hair just looked super fresh & healthy!

If you have curly, frizzy, or even thick, hard to manage hair... try this stuff! Leaves your hair looking great, feeling amazing and best of all manageable! 

Here is a picture of the product to help you find it in stores:
Enjoy Ya'll!

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