Monday, March 21, 2011


Today I received my first package from Sugarpill cosmetics, a line I have heard nothing but GOOD things about. I've been purchasing and reviewing makeup for years with my girlfriends and there has always been something everyone wishes they could change about their most recent purchase. Usually its the price to portion argument, but the portion Sugarpill delivers is unbelievable for the price. As I was told, I haven't found anything to complain about with this product! $12 gets you 5 grams and that my friends... is A LOT! 

So on Friday night I made the decision to order my Sugarpill. On MONDAY it arrived at my office... I live in Maryland people... fastest shipping I have EVER seen!

It all starts out with the package. First of all the box is adorable and is stamped with the Sugarpill logo (BTW, she only charges $5 to ship which made this even more fantastic!) Then inside, my goodies were covered by the infamous PINK paper and of course a hand written thank you note from Amy was on top! - This is where I would like to say THANK YOU to Amy for having some customer service skills, I couldn't be happier. Package came right away, and she thanked ME... that is some service!!

My first purchase was for Goldilux, Lumi, and Birthday Girl all of which are from the Chroma lust collection. Goldilux ( if you couldn't tell) is a Gold loose, very fine, chroma lust powder. When you open it you can see how rich and vibrant the color is, whereas golds from other brands I have tried, only become vibrant if wet. Don't get me wrong, Goldilux looks amazing wet as well, but that wet POP you get can be seen by looking at the dry product. Check it out >>>

 Photo By : Linda B

While I was ripping through my adorable package, my co-worker (who is a Sugarpill freak and turned me on to this wonderful line) was kind enough to take some pictures of my products! As I said, you can see the depth of this color. I am so anxious to play more with this, I'm positive it will mix well with any shades from the line!

Birthday Girl and Lumi both look just as promising! I can't wait to get a few more pictures and post about how great they are! Sugarpill... I'll be back for more!

Until tomorrow -


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