Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hello ! I just wanted to post a few looks from Sugarpill that I have tried out this week! Can't wait until the weekend when I can really go CRAZY with it! With an eyeshadow primer these looks have lasted ALL DAY! It's wonderful! I have more of an oily skin type and makeup usually smudges and runs, but these babies are bright, beautiful, and bonding!!
 For this look I first used Sephoria eyeshadow primer. After that dried I did a light layer of Pearly White, which you can find in Shimmer Cubes palette 18 from The Body Shop. I LOVE these cubes. Great colors that last. I almost always use these as a base color/ highlight. After that I used a small (almost lip brush sized) brush and patted Goldilux by Sugarpill along my lid and a little on the crease. For the darker accent I used a dash of pitch black from the Two Faced smokey eye pallet, and blended with Lumi by Sugarpill.  Then lined with liquid liner by Revlon! TADA! I love this look because I can wear it to the office, it is bold but not so bold that it isn't work appropriate! AND it looks like I spent hours on it, yet another reason why I LOVE Sugarpill products!

After loving the Goldilux look I knew that Sugarpill wasn't going to disappoint with the long lasting was a quickie, but I like the funky angle and the way the colors worked off of each other.

Before receiving my Sugarpill package I decided I would do some experimenting with other bold colors I had. This is a mixture of two of my favorite play colors : Turquoise Tempest by CoverGirl, and again the Pearly white from the Body Shop Shimmer Cubes! I had never done the angled liner like this before but I am now addicted to it and love the frame it gives my eyes!

Holler if you have questions or advice for future posts!

Until tomorrow!
- Steffani