Wednesday, March 23, 2011


In my newly developed love for nail polish I have come across many new nail design products. The one I am reviewing today is KONAD! The idea behind this brand is brilliant. The 3 step * paint, scrape, stamp *  system (as I like to call it ) is easy to follow, fairly clean, and produces a great finished product.

Konad makes it's own "Special Polishes" in an array of colors. I purchased hot pink, black, and white just to try out some of the basic designs. After selecting colors, you select a pallet. There are HUNDREDS of these pallets people! The pallets are usually small circles with nail sized designs printed in them ( usually 4-5 designs per pallet). Some of the designs as I said were nail sized, others are small designs such as a flower for a small decoration, or a design that fits along the tip of the nail like a french manicure.

These are the three products I worked with today. I use a blade instead of the scraper that comes in the beginner set because I find that it makes a cleaner scrape. The plate I have has cheetah print, zebra print, a fishnet design, two floral manicure tip designs, and of course the flowers that you can do as a bunch, or individually for smaller nails. I use the flowers on my toes! The stamper comes in two designs that I know of, the other option being a double sided stamp which has a large end, and a smaller stamp end for toes and small designs. This one works fine for me.

This plate is called M57. I will be doing my review for the zebra design since that one seems pretty popular these days! I love to do this design with bold colors so I chose to use a bright pink and went with La Paz-itively Hot by OPI. This color is a MUST HAVE if you love pinks!

First step is painting your nails with a base color. DO NOT USE ANY DRYING AGENT SUCH AS DRIP DRY BY OPI. The oils in products like drip dry will not allow the Konad special polish to stick to the base. It will instead create an oily layer that will drive you crazy!! This type of designing takes a bit of time, but it is totally worth it in the end.

Next you paint a coat on top of the design you chose.
As you can see, the zebra design I chose, is painted over with the black Konad special polish. You have GOT to be speedy with this step. The special polish is probably best described as a plastic like super drying liquid (sounds crazy I know, but once you use it you will understand!) It is goopy like wood glue and very sticky.
Next you scrape the extra paint with the razor, or scraper, whichever you prefer. Once you have a clean design you push the stamper on top of the polish in order to pick it up! DO THIS QUICKLY!

 This is what the stamp should look like after picking up the polish. The entire design should be ON the stamp. Once you have your design transferred onto the stamp, just roll the stamp from one side of your nail to the other! NOTE: Do not press the stamp directly down on your nail like you would on a stamp on paper. It will NOT work and you will most likely have to clean your entire nail and start from scratch. ROLL it with pressure from one side to the other and your results will be flawless!

After each stamp I use a cotton swab and polish remover to clean the plate. Then I paint the design, scrape, and stamp again and continue for each finger! This design looks great with all colors! I also enjoy a black base with white stripes for a more classic Zebra print! Hope this helped.
Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions! 

Until Tomorrow

- Steffani

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