Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hope in a Jar Product #1 from Sephora Favorites

Is your skin thirsty? Mine was!
Hope in a Jar by Philosophy is the perfect skin cream, especially after scrubbing with the Clarisonic!
It doesn't feel thick and mask-like and you don't have to keep dipping in for more product. The tiniest bit actually smooths over your entire face. A little goes a long way which is great because the product is a little pricey! Lucky for me Kevin's mom got me one of the best gifts ever... the Sephora Favorites collection for 2011. Yay for finally getting to try out this cream that I have heard so much about! 

I have pretty sensitive skin so usually I can tell right away if a product is going to clog my pores or make me feel/ look oily. Hope in a Jar doesn't leave a shiny film at all and left my skin feeling and looking clean and even. It's like my skin just drinks up the cream! I noticed also that it acts as a great base for both Laura Mercier liquid foundation ( also a product in the Sephora Favorites box) and MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation. I love this stuff and I will definitely continue to buy it once my jar is gone. Please feel free to let me know how you're experience with Hope in a Jar has been!

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 26, 2011



All of the 5 star reviews you have read about the Clarisonic. 
They are right. 
All of them. 

For Christmas I was given an unexpected awesomely awesome schm-awesome gift, 
 The Clarisonic Mia 2 complete with blue leopard spots which is just
wickedly badass! 

You might remember a few months back when I bought the Dermanew facial scrubber recommended by Kandee Johnson... girlfriend must not have tried the Clarisonic because there is no freaking WAY I would suggest Dermanew if I knew how magical the Clarisonic was!! Plus the purchase/shipping was a freaking nightmare from the beauty site suggested.... but I digress.

There is NO comparison between these two products. The Clarisonic leaves your face literally feeling new. I thought my makeup went on smoother after the Dermanew, but DANG... this bad boy not only gets rid of dry skin and dirt, but it almost polishes your face. After using it my face is just glowing! Here is a picture of the product I received and am now attached to, and in love with, and will use every day, and will buy for people in the future because it is the bomb digitty ....
can you tell I'm excited?! 
Man I'm getting excited just looking at this picture!
I had never used Purity by Philosophy which turned out to be an amazing cleanser. As pictured you get a small bottle of Purity, an extra head, a travel case and you also receive a charger which magnetically attaches to the bottom of the handle and charges some really cool spacey new-age way, I squealed a little when the charger attached itself to the handle!! 

I have been using the Clarisonic for a few days in the shower in the morning and can already tell that this is going to be a staple in my morning routine!! It is a little expensive but if you are thinking about spending the money to get a Dermanew or any other product you think might work, save a little longer and splurge on this baby, you will NOT be sorry!

Quick Update!

Reviews & Fun Holiday looks coming soon!!

I've had a request for a look using yellow eyeshadow as well as New Years Eve sparkly looks - they will be coming this week! Also I have been asked what my favorite liners are, both eye and lip, those answers will come this evening!

SoOo excited to review Clarisonic Mia 2, Sephora Favorites Box Gift, Tarte SmolderEye liner, my nifty new storage drawers and much much more!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Coastal Scents + Beeswax Softlips Lip Conditioner Review


First up: Coastal Scents Smokey Eye Palette! 

L'Image ( for your referencing pleasure) :
 This is the 36 color Smokey Eye Palette! When you think of "smokey" eye colors you don't really think of the bright green, yellow, pinks and orange bronze colors that are apparent in this palette, which is something that makes this quite unique. The look I chose to do today features greys, blacks, and then the bright turquoise color (the one right under the yellow) in the crease to give it a little pop. I used primer potion first in order to get all day hold and sure enough....5 hours later, my shadow looks just the same as it did when I put it on! Here is what the outcome was: 

So far the colors have held up very well. You can see the colors are pretty strongly pigmented and they don't have sparkles in them which I love. I got this palette on extreme sale and can't wait until their next sale, I will without a doubt be buying more!

Second Up: Beeswax Softlips Chapstick

Last week I realized that I was completely out of every lovely chapstick that I owned so I made a trip over to Harris Teeter where they had Burts Bees ( which I absolutely loveeee) and Beeswax Softlips Chapstick for the same price. I'm all for experimenting with new products, especially for blogging purposes so I figured I'd give the Softlips a try, after all I am a HUGE fan of their regular chapstick. 

People, I am not joking when I say that applying this chapstick was like rubbing an almost dry glue stick along my lips. The chapstick didn't glide on nicely like regular Softlips Chapstick, instead it was sticky and pulled my lips ( OUCH). My first thought was that it was dry on top, like a glue stick gets when you leave the cap off for a bit, so I tried rubbing it on the top of my hand to see if maybe the application got a little better. NOPE. Sure didn't. I have since thrown the chapstick out. I went to whole foods on my way home that day and picked up my trusty Burt's Bees as well as a Pineapple chapstick by Alba which is fantastic and might be my new favorite! Tastes yummy, lasts a long time and is Organic :)

My boyfriend got me this shirt at Forever 21, some of the proceeds go to finding doggies homes! As a Beagle rescue momma I immediately fell in love with the whole concept. It says " IN SEARCH OF A BFF " ( heartbreaks), if you know any animal lovers these shirts make a great present and they have several different breeds! Thats all for today folks! Happy Holidays, time for me to get back to present wrapping!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Green Green Green

Fun Fact: I absolutely L.O.V.E. getting packages in the mail

I received my Sugarpill package the other day that I ordered during their huge sale and I am in LOVE with everything, as expected! I ordered Paperdoll, Tipsy and another jar of Goldilux because I was running low! Paperdoll is a light purple color that I am really digging, but since I use a lot of purple on here I decided I'd switch it up and do a look with Tipsy, a really funky bright green! Below is the finished product along with what products I used! 

Products used in the order that I applied them

1. Urban Decay Primer Potion
2. NYX white base 
3. Kryolan white aquacolor
4. Tipsy by Sugarpill
5. Junebug by Sugarpill
6. Midori by Sugarpill
7. Lumi by Sugarpill
8. Revlon liquid liner pen
9. Maybeline Falsies mascara
10. NYX brow shadow 
11. No. 7 translucent powder
12. Too faced oil free liquid foundation
13. Covergirl loose powder
14. Bodyshop Shimmer Waves
15. MAC lipstick in Myth


Favorite Product Ever #2

Urban Decay 
Primer Potion

This stuff is truly amazing, I don't skip a day of wearing it EVER! Urban Decay has a ton of super great products that are made for makeup longevity. For special occasions I pair Primer Potion with my favorite eyeshadow combo and then spritz All Nighter, Urban's16 hour makeup hold spray on top! Primer Potion sets a smooth layer for a look that will last all day with no creases. It works well with all shadows both wet and dry and  is easily removed. It cost anywhere between $15- $22 depending on where you can find it but it is worth every penny and lasts a very long time. I recommend this to anyone who works 8+ hour days and is in front of people as it keeps your makeup looking fresh all day. I also recommend this to anyone who is a fan of using bright colors, such as myself. This primer really keeps pigment in place perfectly!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Favorite #1

My next few posts will be about my all time favorite products 
along with why I think they rock!

Those of you who are frequent readers know that I absolutely love Sugarpill Cosmetics! If you aren't familiar MAKE YOURSELF! Here is the URL where you can buy all of the wonderful products :

 Sugarpills Gold Chromalust color Goldilux is one worth buying. I have done several tutorials and looks featuring Golidlux and am waiting for my second jar to come next week. Sugarpill is known for their vibrant long-lasting unique colors and Goldilux is one that I find can be used several ways. When applied on top of a base and primer Goldilux holds for hours, especially if applied with a wet brush. It also works perfectly as a liner and goes wonderfully with most of the other Chromalust colors! I'm a fan of doing a blue eye using Sugarpills Starling and then running Goldilux under my bottom lash line. To liven any lip color a dab of Goldilux will do wonders, it even looks great in your mascara!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Olive Oil & Honey Hair Treatment

Recently I have discovered Pinterest and all of it's splendor! I follow a lot of DIY beauty pinners and kept seeing the olive oil & honey hair treatment post so decided I had to see what all the fuss was about. I had all of the ingredients in my house already so this expirement was free!

The Grand Ingredients Plus Steps to Having Magnificant Beautiful Glowing Strands of Love:

1. Grab 1 tsp of Honey!
2. Grab 3 tsps of Olive Oil!
3. Grab a sauce pan!
4. Mix olive oil and honey together in the saucepan, heat until mixture boils.
5. Remove from heat, stir and wait until mixture cools.
6. Once your mixture isn't scolding hot, put it in your hair for 15-30 mins!
7. Rinse and wash with Shampoo and Conditioner as normal. I used L'Oreal Kids 2 -in-1 Burst of Watermellon Shampoo... I couldn't resist buying it, I missed the smell.

TIP: Applying this to your hair is tricky... I simply spooned it into my hair infront of a mirror. I concentrated on the ends and the crown of my head since I have curly frizzy hair! Once the mixture was in my hair I tied my hair up in a messy bun with a hair tie and continued to surf on Pinterest while I waited.


My hair is freaking AMAZING  today!! I am having the best hair day in years! You know how when you get your hair done professionally it looks great and you can NEVER get it to look or feel that way on your own? This treatment makes all of your fantastical hair dreams come true. I have 0 flyaways, my hair is smooth, silky, shiny and knot free. It dried faster than normal and styles without flaw. I will be using this as often as, quick, lovely AND does a better job than most high end smoothing products that I have tried!  

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Urban Decay Cream Shadow


A few weeks ago Urban Decay had a huge Sale on these bad boys! $3 a pop and tons of colors to pick from. I purchased several different colors ranging from neutrals to neon's (ok maybe not neon but close) and found that they work best as a base. They are a little difficult to use, the wand will get the product on your lids but you need to use your finger to blend a bit. I used this first on top of Primer Potion and while using as a base I can say that it really provides great hold and lovely undertones for any eyeshadow. I would recommend this for a long night out since it extends the hold that just Primer Potion provides.

Naked Palette 2 was put on shelves earlier this week and I can't wait to get my hands on it! Urban Decay has always provided great products for both night and day, I'm pleased that even the products on sale for $3 still have the same value as their more expensive items!

Happy Beautifying

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Classic Red Lip


Red lipstick is perhaps one of the sexiest looks you can create. Monroe was famous for the look, along with  more current celebrities such as Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie. Truth is, you don't need to be famous to wear red, YES, it's scary and bold and can take some getting used to, but red is a color that looks great on everyone as long as you pick the right tone! Tone is very important in picking a red, of course you can go for the fire engine classic red color, OR you can look at tones and see what goes best with your complexion. The other important thing to remember when considering a red lip is that you don't want to wear too much additional makeup. Usually a black liner is all that is needed to complete the classic look. Some people are more bold and attempt a light smokey eye, but it really will need some experimenting! This is the look I created using two red lipstick colors and a simple black liquid liner :

On my lips I used two Wet n' Wild colors : #928 Fierce Wild Shine Lip Lacquer and #514 Cherry Frost Silk Finish Lipstick. I used a Revlon liquid liner pen to create a thin line above my upper lash line. In order to keep the lipstick from bleeding you should dab a pit of translucent powder on top. The lip colors were between .99 and $2.99 and look and feel great! Let me know if you have any questions!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Quick Colorful Liner!

Bright * Fun * Quick
These are my three favorite things when it comes to "at home" makeup! Adding shadow makes any normal liner pop a bit more, and that is exactly what I did today! After a long Turkey Day I decided that today's makeup routine was going to be cut in half so that I could immediately start lounging around my house, this is the final product after about three minutes using three products :

Step 1: Create a line across the lid using NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk. Milk is a rich white cream pencil that will act as a great base for additional color. 
Step 2: Pick your colors! I like Bright so I went with Dollipop ( bright pink) by Sugarpill and added Afterparty ( bright blue) by Sugarpill to create a purple color.
Step 3: Apply your colors on top of the white color! I wanted to create a fading look, so I did hot pink into Purple. You may just want one vibrant color, or a rainbow but no matter what you decide you will pack each color onto the white with a small stiff brush. Ta-Da!! Bright, fun and quick!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Coastal Scents Review!

Fall Festival & Smokey Eye Palette Reviews
I've seen a lot of people use Coastal Scents but it's not really a product that you hear mentioned with MAC or Urban Decay or the like. Coastal Scents is known best for their 88 Original Palette featuring a rainbow of colors. After seeing this featured in a ton of other blog and all over MakeupBee I decided I needed to see what all the hype was about! I went to the site and learned that the are having a 40% off sale from now until the 24th. I spent about $30 on two palettes and a translucent powder so right off the bat I was a very happy shopper! The two palettes I chose were the "Fall Festival" and "Smokey Eye" both of which feature extremely pigmented beautiful colors!


The Smokey Eye palette has six different color groups to pick from ranging from neutral to neon colors so you can create a look for every occasion! The colors are very highly pigmented and shimmery, which I always love as a combo. Even the lighter colors that don't swatch very well stay on great and show up a lot better with a primer! This palette will without a doubt be getting a lot of use from me!

This Palette has colors that are a lot larger than the smokey eye palette, this is because the Fall Festive palette is part of the Hot Pot Palette collection. Each color can be repurchased and replaced if you run out of it. Often times the base color is used up before the crease or highlight color, so the ease of replacement option is great! I'm loving this as well and all the colors I have purchased are rich and even though I haven't used each of them yet but I can tell they will hold perfectly with any primer!

The powder I mentioned before  has worked pretty well. I've only used it a few times and mainly it's used because I have gross oily skin, the powder just sucks it all up without applying color which I love! Nothing bad to say about it so far, but if something comes up I'll let ya know!

There is still a few more days left on the sale and honestly, I might make another purchase. After all the researching I did on them it seems like 40% off is one of the best sales they have all year!

Application pictures to come later on this week during my four day weekenddddddd!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sultra Sophisticate Power Dryer Review!

<3 Shiny, Smooth &Silky <3
I have heard so much about Sultra and decided it was time to give them a shot! A friend recommended searching on ebay and I ended up getting my dryer, barely used, in the original box and all for over $150 off -Happy Birthday to ME!!

I've had it for two days and have only used it a few times. Its a bit heavier than my last dryer and has a few more buttons where your hand naturally falls. The first time I used it I put product in my hair and combed it through with my fingers, when I picked up the dryer my hands slid down over top the buttons, turning the dryer on a higher heat/ pushing down the cold burst button, kind of annoying. The second time I made sure to dry my hands completely before drying and my fingers didn't slide nearly as much. It's only a bit heavier than my old Bed Head drier, but hopefully that will lead to some sweet guns in the future :). I also noticed that my hair is a lot silkier, full of volume and even shinier. Also my dry time was cut in half!! Overall I'm loving it so far,its been 12 hours since I dried my hair and the volume this baby gives is just awesome!! Usually after drying and straightening my hair it falls flat by the end of the day and the amount of product weighs it down... not today my friend! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new dryer, a good investment and you know you won't have to buy another for a very very long time because of the high quality!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Body Shop Haul!

Ever have one of those days where you just need to get out of the office? Well that was me today! I woke up after tossing and turning all night on our futon (we passed out in the living room pretty late due to a new T.V. and Netflix streaming) and I woke up in a funk. It was clear I needed a mid-day pick me up sooo of course I decided I needed to run out and shop! The Harbor Mall is about 4 minutes from my office so I knew that I could pick up a few things, or even window shop on my 1 hour break. 

Tea tree oil has been something I've been wanting to try so I decided to stop by the Body Shop and pick some up....along with a few unexpected other things...

Tea tree stuff was Buy 2 get 1 free so I got two bottles of oil and one concealer stick with tea tree oil in it... GENIUS! They were having a huge sale and I also got a shimmer square for $1 which I can't wait to use under my brow bones/ cheeks/ nose. Plus I got a regular primer for $5 on sale and 05 Sage eyeshadow. My total bill was about $24.00!! Not a bad haul, 6 great products for $24. Get to Body Shop ASAP if you love any of the products they offer, the sale is sweet! Don't worry, I also managed to make it into Victoria's Secret for the 7 undies for $26 sale (usually 5 undies for $25) AND to Bath and Body Works to get my favorite winter time lip gloss by C.O. Bigelow.

Oh also pictured above is my new business card that I received today! I'm hoping to post them at local coffee shops/ community boards in case anyone is interested in being featured in the blog for a makeover or wants me to do their makeup for a special event! 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Before and After - Sister makeover


On my Birthday I went to Frederick to see my family and my little sister let me do a before and after makeover! Shes a teenager and we all know how much of a pain skin can be when your that age. She's not too big into makeup, she puts on foundation and mascara and sometimes lipstick but that's about it, but shes gorgeous anyway so she doesn't need to get all fancy every day! My goal was to clear up her blemishes and do a look that expressed the fun outgoing girl that she is. I think a lot of times we stay neutral and "easy" because mascara and powder go with every outfit, but I think it's a lot more fun when you can create a look that is as edgy and funky as you are. Since she isn't used to wearing a lot of makeup I was still able to create a fun look using my favorite wet n' wild palette "comfort zone" and little else.


Here are the steps of what I did :

1. Apply lotion all over the face, this helps prep your skin for the layers you will be applying!
2. Apply Urban Decay Primer Potion to the lids.
3. Apply concealer to all red blemishes, I used Laura Mercier.
4. Apply the green color from the Comfort Zone Palette to the lids
5. Apply the greenish black from the Comfort Zone Palette to the crease, blend well in a downwards circle.
6. Apply the lightest brow bone color from the Comfort Zone Palette
7. Apply L'Oreal double Extend Beauty tubes mascara
8. Apply liner to the lower lids, I used black

* This is where the eyes are finished, so any fall out from packing on eye shadow is probably sitting on your cheek bones/ face. Brush your face off with your hands, avoiding the eyes. This helps when applying foundation *

9. Using your fingers or a sponge apply foundation to entire face, making sure to blend the previously concealed areas together with the foundation.
10. Go over your face with powder, I used NW15 by MAC on her because I wanted to make sure the redness of her blemishes were masked. If you aren't worried about toning color down, translucent powders work very well, I recommend the one by No.7 which can be found at Target.
11. Apply bronzer in a diagonal line from the corner of your mouth to your ears, blend well.
12. Apply a light blush to the apples of your cheeks, I used Popsie by FLIRT!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Things I hope I'm getting for my Birthday so I can review for you ....

My Birthday is tomorrow :) and I'm hoping my boyfriend has decided he will get me all the neat things I've been hinting towards ( and by hinting I mean emailing to him ) hahaha. Hopefully between tomorrow and next week I will be able to review some more of Sugarpills Matte & Chromalust colors, St. Tropez bronzer, Urban Decay cream colors- bronzers-primers, Sultra Sophisticate blow drier, and maybe a few more if I get lucky!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Comfort Zone Wet n Wild Review pt 2

Previously I reviewed Wet n' Wild's Comfort Zone Palette, which was a very pleasant surprise of vibrant pigmented colors! I shared a Kim Kardashian smokey eye look that I created with mostly the darker side of the palette so today I wanted to show you a look I created with the opposite side of the palette. I used Urban Decays Primer Potion to hold the color, this stuff is amazing. It makes the most inexpensive low quality colors look like a million bucks and holds the color for over 8 hours. If you don't have it I suggest you try it, you won't be disappointed and it will make your daily beauty routine so much easier.

The picture above was taken after my day out! Primer potion is no joke, and it kept my $4.99 Wet n' Wild colors fun, fresh and in place. I finished off the shadow with black liquid Stiletto liner and L'Oreal double extend beauty tube mascara! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dermanew Acne & Oil Clarifying System

Skin Care Time!!!

Being the budget savvy gal that I am, and after reading many many reviews of Clarisonic and Dermanew products I decided to just try out Dermanew's Acne & Oil Clarifying System. Kandee Johnson recommends this product and shes got killer skin so I figured I'd give it a whirl before I made the $200+ investment in a Clarisonic. I ordered it from which Kandee recommends ordering from.


FOLKS... I am NOT kidding you when I say that I waited over a MONTH to get this bad boy. Quite frankly sucks. I will never ever ever ever order another thing from that site again. I ordered the system which was $60 on sale and paid $11 to have two day express shipping totaling $71.00. I ordered the product on Thursday and by the next Wednesday I still had no tracking number and decided to call the customer service number. I talked to a rude lady who told me that the product is listed as "out of stock" on the site, which it was not, and then told me she didn't know when she'd get it back in so I'd have to "deal with it". This then prompted me to do a little research on good ol' which turned up all sorts of customer complaints: people who had received used products, people who had been waiting for months for their product, people who waited for over a month and were sent the WRONG product and then had to wait again, etc. This screamed NIGHTMARE to me and I decided to email in and tell them about my experience with the rude lady on the phone. They didn't seem too apologetic but did tell me they would refund me for the shipping, since I asked to be reimbursed since I wasn't getting anything within the two days that I paid for.  Otherwise I don't think they would have offered to pay me back. It has been a month and four days and I received my package yesterday. It came with a "free gift" which was a large 16 oz bottle of Dermanew Facial Cleanser which was opened and leaking all over, luckily they had the common sense to put a plastic baggy over the spout in case it did burst open. The Dermanew product was perfectly fine though which is all I really cared about!

Dermanew Acne & Oil Clarifying System

The package comes with a bullet shaped vibrating piece ( don't even go there hahaha) that you can attach two separate scrubbers to, one has bristles and the other looks like a smooth sponge. The power button controls the vibrating and will vibrate for two minutes if you press it once, and will continue vibrating for however long you'd like if you press it twice. The intense vibrations allow for soaps and scrubs to be scrubbed into the pores giving them a great deep cleaning. The microdermebrasion cream that comes with the package is a very rough texture, you place a dot on both cheeks, on your forehead, on your chin and on your nose and then scrub in an upward circular motion, then rinse.

Aftewards my skin felt a little better and I could certainly see where I had pimples forming, but it wasn't really as AH-MAZING as I thought. This morning I woke up and felt my face and it felt awesomeeeee!! This was what I was hoping for! I used it again this morning in the shower and my skin is smooth and glowing. I live in Maryland so the weather is getting a little colder, causing my skin to be a little drier. This product smooths the dead/ dry skin right off and allowed me to apply flawless foundation this morning!

Since I've only used it for one day I can't say for sure if the product makes me breakout or if it really works, but I will say that I'm pleased with my results thus far. I'll keep you updated as I continue to use it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I've seen them the past few months but figured they were complicated or didn't last long or were just plain expensive. NONE of that is the case. Today I gave in and decided to give them a whirl. At about $10 I was a bit hesitant buttttt good ol' CVS was having a sale : Buy one Sally Hansen product get one half off! So I went for the color Teal with it, which is a lovely teal blue color as pictures above.

This kit could NOT be any easier. Seriously, it includes everything...a cuticle pusher and a file which you really don't even need... they just help in case you haven't taken care of your nails in awhile! You first fit the strips of color to each nail. Note: they provide several sizes which is amazing. Then you just peel and place the color strip over your nail and smooth down pressing first in the middle of your nail to prevent any bubbling. depending on how hard you push and how wide your nail beds are you could just tear off the excess color, otherwise you can file it right off!! Below is the outcome.. no mess, no polish remover, no polish smell... just peeling and placing... I'm eager to see if i can use a nail pen on top to create designs as well as to see how long they go without chipping.

Easy and Awesome! I will be doing more! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Flirt! Review #2!

I promised more so here they are... more Flirt! Cosmetics reviews!!

Recently I did a review on a new found brand, Flirt! which is made by Estee Lauder & only sold at Kohls department stores. I loved the rich pigments of Chocoholic #39 
(a dark brown) and Golden Lady #38 (a medium gold) so I had to try more!

My most recent purchase was for another eye shadow in Gold Envy which is a super light gold vanilla color. It has shimmer but not sparkle and acts works perfectly as a highlight! 

  I also purchased a nice Fall blush which is called Popsie #10. Popsie is a deep rose color without sparkle and has a nice highlight/dew-like glow.

Here is a look I came up with using all of the Flirt! products that I own. The colors are all wonderful and honestly the pigment of each gold I have tried is the most comparable thing to Sugarpills Goldilux luster I have been able to find. 


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Game Day #2

I LOVE football season  & the last Game Day blog I did didn't really show all that much purple... here is a look that will let people know you bleed purple
(if you're a Ravens fan that is)!

Products used:
Kryolan Aquacolor in White
Sugarpill in Dollipop
Sugarpill in Afterparty
Sugarpill in Tako
Sugarpill in Lumi
NYX Shadow in Purple
Revlon Eyeliner Pen in Black
Maybelline Double Extend Beauty Tubes mascara in Black

MAC Studio Fix Foundation
MAC Pressed Powder

MAC in Myth

Fairly simple and great for Hazel eyes. Purples really bring out the green and light brown tones of Hazel eyes. It makes such a difference with my eyes that it looks like I'm wearing color contacts!! This is one of the first times I've used Myth by MAC alone and I've gotta tell ya, I'm just in LOVE. Review on that lip color will be coming soon!

Have a Great Day <3

Friday, October 14, 2011

Flirt! Cosmetics

I recently found a line by Estee Lauder called Flirt! which can only be found at Kohls department stores. After using brands like Sugarpill and Urban Decay I've been drawn towards more pigmented shadows, a feature which Flirt! does not fail to deliver. With Fall here I decided I'd get some new browns so that I don't hit pan in my Naked Pallete so quickly! I purchased two shadows and a liner, all browns. The shadows are #38 Golden Lady (lighter photo below) and #39 Chocoholic( darker photo above)  and the liner is #05 Brownie Points. 
 Today I tested them out with Urban Decay primer potion and the colors have lasted now for nearly 12 hours!  I used Golden Lady on my lids and put Chocoholic in the crease, then  lined my lids with Brownie Points. Today is my "early" day at work so I wasn't going to do anything fancy but MAN... this stuff has really held wonderfully

The liner goes on super smooth and is very rich. Personally I don't think there is anything worse than getting a new liner and it being so dry that you have to heat up the tip to prevent scraping your eyelids off!
Brownie Points is a rich brownie color (medium brown) and looks great on top of the Golden Lady shadow. I was very impressed with the way it glided right on and will be getting more colors ASAP!


I can't wait to try more. The packaging is also really neat, it's a black square that allows you to pull the color & applicator out and a mirror flips up!  Another bonus about this product is that Kohls has a bazillion coupons/ sale days. Most of the time you can snag these things at 20% off or more and they are only $13 a pop as it is! I highly recommend these shadows, especially if you wear a lot of neutrals because the color selection is limited to about 20 colors, most of which are neutral. Below are swatches on my hand of both colors, you can see a little of the liner in the background too. 

More reviews to come as soon as I get the blush! <3

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quick fixes for looking scary when you wake up!

SoOoOo-I find that more often times then not, I wake up looking a mess (sorry boyfriend). Over the past few years I've gathered some quick fix tips and if you are anything like me and think you look like Medusa when you wake up, these tips might come in handy!

This is exactly what I look like when I wake up!

 #1 Baby Powder = Magic Powder
After a full day of having straight hair I go to sleep and without fail, wake up looking like Medusa. My hair instantly curls when I go to sleep, it's a curse! I wake up with crazy curls with oil on the crown of my head, I assume a lot of this is from product build up.... I know I know, don't get so excited, this sounds extremely sexy. Anyway- quick fix to the oil from product build up and natural oils is to sprinkle some baby powder on your hair and shake shake shake- get it down in your roots and you will instantly notice that greasy look is GONE!! This isn't just a great fix for the morning, its a great product to have on hand if your don't want to wash your hair, but don't want it to look dirty. Johnson's Baby Powder is my powder of choice but there is also "dry shampoo" which is basically spray powder and something I will blog about later on when I've tried a few more products out there. Anywho - Powder sucks up oil like a freakin' vacuum...I  LOVE.LOVE.LOVE powder... baby powder, face powder, foot powder (OK, maybe that one is a little extreme) !!

#2 Hair Ties
Put that mess UP! Weather your hair goes flat when you sleep, or goes crazy like mine, putting it up fixes everything. Low ponytail, messy bun, whatever your style may be, putting it up will make you look a little more put together. The Ouchless brand is great, they don't pull on your hair and come in thick and thin bands!

#3 Bobby Pins
If you have short hair, or annoying bangs such as myself, bobby pins become your best friend- even if you DON'T have bedhead! Twist your bangs back, take a piece from either side and pin them back, heck... do the Snookie ( just maybe not as extreme) any way you use them  they will make whatever look your going for look more polished, especially because bobby pins are great at taming those lovely flyaways.

Now obviously I don't use these techniques every day, just mostly on the weekends or on days off. But feeling good about yourself when you first wake up will help you start your day off happier and less stressful. I also always have chapstick handy because there is nothing worse than waking up and realizing your lips are cracked since you left the fan on all night!

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