Saturday, January 30, 2016

Face of the Day

Stir-Crazy in the City!

As you can tell I'm going a little crazy!! I've been home since last Friday, through the Blizzard, worked from home all week, had a cold and FINALLY got a chance to get out today!! I decided before I made the leap outdoors I should polish up and pretend I hadn't been acting like a hobbit all week! I gave myself a Coconut Oil hair mask and put on a Brazened Honey Face Mask from LUSH to bring some life and color back to my head!

I'm a huge fan of Coconut oil masks, especially during the Winter. Your hair tends to be dryer and with many folks resorting to blow drying, it's even more susceptible to damage. I decided I'd go all in on the makeup game today. Here's what I used:
Brazened Honey Face Mask
Coconut oil as facial moisturizer
Urban Decay Primer Potion on the eyelids
Anastasia Beverly Hills: Taupe Pomade 
NAKED 3 Palette - Limit and Nooner in Crease to build
Dust and Strange on the lid, used with wet brush to create more metallic look
Factory, Liar and mugshot mixed in outer corner 
Revlon Liquid Liner Pen on Top Lashes
24/7 Urban Decay Black Liner on bottom waterline
Maybelline Last Stiletto mascara
Ardell Black Lash Wispies
Belletto Air Brush: Latte and Brulee Foundation
Wet n' Wild Blush: Heather Silk
NYC Bronzer: Sunny
The airbrush works WONDERS and is great for your skin. I used 5-6 drops of foundation and it covers my whole face multiple times! Leggings and black shirt are from Lularoe, I'm a HUGE fan of their Irma T's, Dresses and Leggings!! If you're interested in shopping in one of the private Facebook groups that I'm a part of, let me know and I will gladly send you an invite! I love shopping Lula because #1 it helps out my fellow women entrepreneur friends, and #2, I literally shop from my phone... I don't have to go anywhere and try anything on, and it shows up at my house a few days later... it's a beautiful thing folks!! 
I didn't bother spraying my face with any kind of sealer - with the dry weather and the airbrush, my makeup wasn't going ANYWHERE! I used all Sigma Brushes and didn't use any lip product other than chapstick! I've got 3 weddings booked already for 2016! Let me know if you're interested in booking for a wedding or special event :) 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Jaclyn Hill FOTD

Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette 
Face of the Day

I've had this palette for a while and haven't been able to decide how I truly feel about it. It sold out in the first 15 minutes or something ridiculous like that, and then was on back order for a few months, and once it was back in stock took even longer to be distributed due to a hold up with the shipping center being on strike. I'm telling you, people were HURTIN for this palette, myself included!! Here are the colors the palette holds, all of which were selected by famed makeup guru Jaclyn Hill ( LOVE HER! Girl Crush x10!) 

As you can see the palette is very warm, and has mostly matte and shimmer colors ranging from purples to oranges. You're pretty set with this palette for any season, for an array of looks. The browns are rich but I'm still working on developing layers with them! It seems they aren't as buildable as I'd like, but I'll be trying some new looks going forward with more of the copper colors. Overall the price is only $28, which is FANTASTIC for a guru inspired/designed ANYTHING! Most palettes with colors like these range upwards of $50!  Another great advantage to having this palette is that there are SO many folks who love Jacyln and have done tutorials for 100 million different looks!! 

The look I did in my "AFTER" pictures mixes cranberry with browns for a dark Holiday look. I used the color next to the green in the palette on the lid and built it into the crease with a ton of browns, both matte and shimmer. I lined the top lid with wet n wild gel liner (which is and dusted the lower last lid with the cranberry colors as well. Do you have a go-to holiday look?! Comment below, I'd love to give it a try!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Face Cream Miracle!


This stuff is the BOMBBBBBBB! Seriously! I always take Vitamin E supplements, and have been loving my Vitamin E stick that I use on my lips, but didn't realize I could get this marvel in a cream form! When I say this stuff is creamy, I mean it is CREAMMMMYYYYYY. It's actually weirdly satisfying how rich and creamy it is! I take a nickle size dollop and use it as my facial moisturizer, focusing on my forehead and eyes/under eye area - in the last few weeks I haven't had any breakouts, I haven't experienced any redness, my makeup has held longer, and I've noticed my face just looks better! I even used this as a base for a wedding I did last weekend and it was the perfect base! No more dry skin, it's not greasy, and my skin drinks it up- the best part is that I bought a 2 pack of this stuff for $4!!  Try it out :) 

Sunday, April 19, 2015



I know, a burning face mask doesn't sound like something anyone smart would try, but I'm here to tell you that YOU SHOULD! Yes, this mask does make you feel like someone is rubbing jalapenos into your pores, BUT I wouldn't tell you to do this if it wasn't for great results! With the season change, my skin has decided, yet again to go NUTS, so once again I was forced to find a fix! This super easy natural face mask can be made with things you probably already have! Here's how you make it :


Mix together and slather on your face and neck. Your face will start to burn - but the heat will die down after a few minutes - leave it on for a total of 20 mins and then rinse with warm water. I did this after work and woke up to my face being nearly blemish free! Two days later, I was completely free of any redness or blemishes and my pores were smaller and weirdly enough- my t-zone oil was even kind of tamed! Try it out and see how you like it!